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JO nationals

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by profmom, Feb 5, 2018.

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  1. The website for nationals is live! http://www.mensjonational2018.com/

    In poking around, I noticed the following information on qualification to event finals for JO athletes:

    "The Top 36 AA in each single age year (Top 72 Level 8: 12 year olds) will advance to Finals. The Top six in any individual event not already in the Top 36 AA will advance to Finals on that event. Combined results from the Preliminary and Finals session will determine placing for selection and awards following the Finals session."

    Curious as to whether @krc or anyone else knows if this means that the national people have decided against readjusting the level numbers? Last year, which was the first year of no 11 year old JO L8s, about half of the L8s qualified to nationals as opposed to around 1/3 of L9s and a similar proportion of L10s.
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  2. That concerned me as well. I am hoping they will be adjusting things still......

    I would think that the # should be the same for ALL age groups doing JO. 36/42, whatever they want it to be. But make it consistent. I would love to see more of the older boys making nationals than the younger ones. Makes more sense, IMO
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  3. And, man, it would make sense if they are going to separate out JE/JO at nationals, that the allotments should be separate too!
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  4. I think this is one of those areas where the parents notice more than the administration. I felt awful for several 18 year olds last year who just missed going. These were kids who either have never been or been only once or twice. I wish the allotment was bigger for the high school seniors.

    Ironically, I think it used to be the other way around and they may have over corrected. Before they made the age changes last year, the 18 year old division was one of the least competitive age groups as most kids finished high school in the year that they competed as a 17 year old. So, the 18 year old group had a lot less competitors.
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  6. Our younger 10s are lower. we lost 2. We had 34 younger L10s last year and 11 went, this year we have 34 and 9 are alloted. I am thinking they took those and gave them to the older 10s maybe.
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  7. region 1 numbers went up some. younger 10 by 1 older by more. I do think the overall older 10 numbers over all have gone up, which is as it should be.
  8. Okay I just looked up the numbers for region 1. I do not have any mumbers for Hawaii, so there may be even more. Right now I see 93 younger 10s, which is about 20 more than last year, and we got an allotment that went up by 1. (it just over 25%) There are 81 older 10s, which is about 10 more than last year but the allotment went up by 6. I do feel the older 10 numbers were too low last year, but the younger 10 numbers, well who knows? It will be tough for my kid to make it, that's for sure,
  9. Mine won't make it this year. As far as I can tell, we have had a slight drop in L9 numbers in our region (maybe 5 guys fewer), but lost four allotment spots. A lot of guys who previously would have been L9 are doing JD in our region. Under 30% of this region's L9s will go to nationals and almost all of those spots will go to JE guys. I guess in a way it's kind of good to know this going in, because he can just relax and try to have a good meet without worrying about nationals.
  10. Question about JO/JE - do boys have to be a certain age at each level to compete JE? I know they can compete level 8 at a younger age IF they are JE (right?) but do they have to be younger at each level in order to do it?
  11. L8 is the only level with that wrinkle. For L8, both 11 and 12 year olds can compete JE whereas only 12 year olds can do JO. Ages 11-14 have the same tech sequences. L9 and L10 age groups for qualification to nationals are the same for JE and JO (13-14 for L9, and the two L10 age groups).
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