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For Parents Juju's Spring Show

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Juju's Mom

Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
Juju's gym does a Christmas & Spring Show each year. At Christmas they just do tumbling lines since the girls are working to perfect their routines. During the Spring show, with competition season behind them, the coaches choreograph routines for the various levels for the girls to perform. This is always so much fun for them to get a chance to do something new and upbeat. I have the team dances posted together in a montage along with some of the girls demonstrating their progress in obtaining their double backs. This show's theme was All American so the girls got to ditch their normal team leos to wear Red, White or Blue. Take a moment to check it out and comment if you will. DD loves to read the comments!! :D

Juju got her ROBHSBT the Saturday after the show or she would have been able to throw it in the show :(. Oh well, better late then never...

YouTube - All American Spring Show 2009


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Feb 26, 2007
I saw it on youtube earlier, gosh she is adorable. Great routines.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She is really so adorable and talented. Looks like it was great fun! Must be something the girls really look forward to after routines and meets. :)


What fun! Kelsey's gym did a spring show this year also. The girls had a great time --fun and relaxed. A great way to end the season. Great job Juju
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