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Kara Eaker's beam at Worlds


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Aug 5, 2019
Yes and Kara is in. I haven't seen it announced anywhere official yet, but I follow Coach Fong on Instagram and he shared it on one of his stories this morning.
I saw that... I felt bad for Kara because she seemed to feel awkward about his efforts to publicly rejoice in the change (and rightly so; it’s sad for Ellie and you could tell Kara preferred to be considerate of that.) But I’m happy for her she gets the chance to compete now.
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Oct 3, 2009
On my couch either reading or doing nothing...
So now Kara and her coaches know she’s not going to get those 15s she got before if she keeps those questionable ring jumps in ... there is plenty of time to reconstruct that routine so she doesn’t get hammered...

The judges have drawn the line in the sand and Forester and Armine need to get their heads out of said sand and change the routine.


Verified Coach
Verified Coach
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Sep 17, 2012
Odd that they thought they could get away with it really. I suppose they thought it was worth a chance. They need to have someone look at the whole routine construction and pare it back to what meets the criteria and gives max D score. And put it in a sensible order. Her dance is very nice on beam.
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Jun 26, 2016
The national team coaches need to get their heads out of the sand and deal with this issue. They have been on notice since the issues at junior Worlds (remember Tom's twitter saying that he didn't know that dance elements were so important and would be marked strictly). The camp verifications don't seem to be doing their job of critically appraising the routines against the code.

This has been a problem in the past as well - so along with Eaker's ring positions go Sacramone's dance passage, Weiber's "acro sequence" without an acro move and the gymnast (whose name escapes me) who was on the old European tour when her UB was found to be missing a CR element.

The US also has a big issue with overscoring. I guess there may be pressure to have the highest scores in the World - but with the exception of Simone - the score rarely hold up and those 15s become high 13s to low 14s.


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Sep 13, 2016
I think Weiber’s acro series problems were due to Geddert’s arrogance. I’m not even sure Marta had any sway in that situation.

I also think it’s a problem with judges. Yes Al and Armine, and Tom for that matter, should have known that there were problems with that routine construction. But she has gotten credit for those ring positions at every meet, including Pan Ams and last year’s Worlds. With that precedent, the risk was very low that she wouldn’t be credited and the reward was very high. I’m hoping that with the introduction of the AI system, judging becomes more consistent at domestic and international meets.

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