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Kim Zmeskal-Burdette gets called out ( #gymnastalliance )

Ruben Y

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Jun 28, 2016
...trashcans to throw up in are not abuse or a sign thereof. throwing up is comon place if you train speed or explosive endurance which a gymnast needs. think floor exercise. there is no known way to my knowledge to train this without going to a place that hurts. vomiting is for most athletes part of this experience. usually trowing up helps and makes the pain go away faster. keep in mind this shoud be done only with athletes of a higher training age (few years of competitve training at least), a good aerobic base to help them regenerate fast after and also not with kids since they are too young to understand what is happening and what such "good pain" differentiates from "bad pain" f.e. overuse or injury related pains. also this should not be done too often. in track we limit it to once a week.
Just a ridiculous statement...


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May 14, 2020
western USA
I'm watching the old "Making of a Champion" documentary, and it gets me curious about Clarice and David (?), her parents. Were they abusive, or just ignorant, etc?



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Jul 23, 2013
the reason for vomiting after speed endurance events is the build up of lactate acid that is produced during the anaerobic energy production.
Lactic acid is a waste product resulting from anaerobic respiration, aka fermentation. It is the reason for sore muscles, not the reason for vomiting. Vomiting after intense or prolonged workouts is a result of the body’s fight or flight response. Energy and oxygen are diverted from some organs to help the muscles in dire need. Everyone’s body will respond differently to training regimes. What is normal for one may be a sign of too high intensity for another. So let’s say that there was ONE gymnast that was prone to vomiting during or after intense, cardio workouts and a few others with a sensitive gag relflex (more common), if I was the coach, I would strategically place trash cans around a workout area if I had to clean up after one of the hypothetical workouts. On the flip side, I’d have to say, if a workout was so intense that it made my kid puke, I’d have a problem.