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Last Meet before State

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Nov 5, 2007
Dd will have her last meet before State this weekend.We decided to drive.It's a 7 hr trip.I love to drive.
She had a good day in gym today.She has improved bars alot but it is still a hit and miss.So I hope for the best there.
She already qualified for State so it shouldn't be to much pressure but I know she wants to do good on every event.
The night before her meet we get to see Boise State College compete.
I think that will be exciting.
Good Luck to everybody that has a meet this weekend.:)


Good luck to your DD and thanks for wishing all good luck also - DD is competing on Saturday also! Wow, I wasn't looking forward to the 1 and half drive, but not feeling too bad after hearing 7 hours!

I hope it all comes together for her at this meet. It sounds like she has accomplished so much this year.
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