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Leotard {Fairy?} Help!

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Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
Hi, ok so my gym ordered these my competion Leos for this year about a week ago. Well....., we come to find out that the company will be closed for 3 weeks in Dec. and/or January! And we have a meet on the tenth of January!!! I mean there is a small possibility that we could get are leos in time.....but... So My coaches don't really know what to do:eek::eek:. So if ya'll could please Leo Fairy{ If there is one!:p} my way that would be great!!! Thanks:)


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Dec 8, 2007
Sending the leo fairy!!
This happened to us like 18 seasons in a row. My coach usually drives up to the place we order the leos from and picks them up.. I don't know if thats an option for you guys...
The first meet one season we had a level 4 move up to level 5 right before the meet so she didn't have the same suit as everyone else so she just borrowed a random long sleeved leo from someone .
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