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Lets talk turkey....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by duyetanh, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. ...or ham...or prime rib...or awesome veggie dish....
    What do y'all have for Thanksgiving? Do you celebrate it? Just another day? Big fam reunion?
    I will start. We vary it by year. One year the winters were so horrid already that we literaly booked a trip to somewhere lovely and warm, and took an eztra few days off practice and school to do so....one year everyone came our way.
    This year is a very quiet one. We need it. Its been a rough month around here for non gym related reasons. Just gratefuk we are all happy and healthy.

    What are we eating? Decided to actually do a turkey this year. Making homemade potato bread. And a strawberry rhubarb pie for dd and dh...they can have it. I got myself a wee pumpkin pie tartlett that no one is allowed to touch, lol.

    We intend to watch the thanksgiving day parade and the national dog show....which is something we have never done. And then we will go on a hike. And then gorge. Because we can.
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  2. I'm excited, I am responsible for the breads for the meal. I will be making two styles of dinner roll (8 each). And 4 loaves of garlic and herb baguette-style bread.

    As for any other plans, other than the fact my husband and brother will be watching football and that we will all be at my sister-in-law's I have no clue.
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  3. Thanksgiving for one this year unless someone accepts my last minute Facebook invite.

    I have enough food for a family. ( it’s almost impossible for me to cook for one) I’m making turkey thighs, dressing, potatoes ( possibly mashed) squash ( possibly soup) grandma’s cranberry sauce and I bought a pie. I also have moscato for an easy sangria.

    Friday I’ll work for a few hours and go see zoo lights with a friend in the evening.
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  4. I probably should have posted this in the parents forum, subtitled "what r u doing on your day off?"
    Then more would see it. Oops...:rolleyes:
  5. I host. :) Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli casserole, honeyed carrots, corn, and rolls.

    For dessert: homemade pies! French silk and pumpkin. Tomorrow is pie day for me. :)

    I actually don’t really care for turkey much, but DH and my mom love it, so it’s the one day per year I roast one.

    @txgymfan feel free to fly north, we’ll have you over!
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  6. I have been informed it is Bob Evans for Thanksgiving (first time ever)... I am not happy about it. I would rather stay home, but at least I only have to travel 25 minutes instead of 50 minutes (to my parents' house- they are also traveling 25 minutes).
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  7. Big family do with my inlaws, my BIL and SIL and their spouses, and all but one of the nieces and nephews. My SIL is hosting. We are bringing pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

    Best of all, my eldest is arriving home from college in two hours!!
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  8. Going to the parent's house. PA to OBX this afternoon. Driving home Friday after dinner. Long trip for two days but DD wants to see her grandparents and be back for Saturday practice.

    Everyone be careful while traveling this holiday.
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  9. We low-key celebrate it in that I cook the traditional meal so that we can share with the duty officers/gate guards/etc, but it’s kinda just another day to me. We have a big family and are lucky to be close this year, but it is a holiday built around food and we generally just cannot eat at other people's homes due me and my YDD having celiac.. so we just stick to our house.
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