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Level 4,5,6 prance steps

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Dr.Coach Psy.D

New Member
Feb 23, 2009
for the prance steps...the text in the compulsory manual says something like "quickly drag along the floor." Does this mean that the toes should be pointed and touching the floor? Instead of coupe with toes to the ankle?

There has been some controversy among the regular coaching staff regarding the prance steps in our gym. I don't think that it's a major deduction (i would think it would be very minor or no deduction whatsoever) - I'm just wondering. I'd like for everyone to be on the same page and teaching the prance steps the same way. But right now, I have one coach telling me to teach it with toes pointed by the foot and touching the floor, and another telling me to teach it in coupe with toes away from the floor by the ankle. I read the text in the compulsory manual and we've all gone over it together. There is still a disagreement between the coaching staff (over a minor issue) with the prance steps. :rolleyes:

Does anyone know the correct interpretation of the text in the manuel?



May 14, 2008
The judges around here emphasize the drag of the toes for some reason. I find it quite stupid because my girls sometimes will brush burn and rub skin off from dragging, but as gymch34 says, it is a dragging motion.
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