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Level 4 Bars - Neutral Deduction

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New Member
Nov 4, 2008
Are there any neutral deductions that can be taken for a level 4 bar routine? My daughter recently scored much lower than she had previously, with what looks like the same routine. There was a digital photographer at the meet, and looking back through the stills, I can't find the deductions. I've also viewed the video, and the performance doesn't match the score.


Active Member
Former Gymnast
Jun 24, 2008
There aren't any common neutral deductions on bars... maybe the coach instructing the kid what to do? Doesn't seem likely this late in the season. I've never taken a neutral deduction on bars, FWIW. If she didn't cast out of the front hip circle, that could be .3, but that's not a neutral deduction.


Why don't you post the video clip and one of the coaches / judges could probably tell you. It sounds like she didn't get credited with something. Cut backwards or something.
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