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Level 4 Floor (girls)

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Apr 3, 2008
I was told by a mom that during the girls level 4 floor routine where they do the handstand to bridge and then kick over if the girls when they go into the bridge, slide there feet together and then kick over, you get more points. Has anyone heard of this? I thought it was more of the split on the girls way over?



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Jul 5, 2007
You can't exactly get more points in girl's level 4, you can just lose less. I believe ideally the handstand to bridge is supposed to be done with the feet together, and the bridge position should show straight legs. Deductions can be on any parts of these skill sequences, from the lunge into the handstand, to the lunge out of the kickover. My own preference is for the legs to be as close together as possible, since that's a general gymnastics preference, but some girls simply don't have that kind of flexibility. I'm not a certified judge, I'm sure someone with level 4 certfication can speak more to the specific deductions.


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Jun 24, 2008
It's not a deduction if you don't move your feet, nor do you get bonus for moving your feet.
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