Level 4 missed skill...how much off?

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Apr 16, 2008
I'm curious once again...
Level 4 USAG, on the beam no falls etc. but missed that handstand "twist" at the very end (not sure what it's called hahaha). Finishes and salutes etc.
Coach then tells her to try again. Gets it this time.

I'm wondering...I thought if her feet had hit the floor and she finished she couldn't go back and re- do something she completely missed. OR was this just for kicks/confidence etc.?

Does anyone know how many points get deducted on avg. by something like this (missing that handstand twist at the end the first time)?

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She will get any form deductions up until the point of the fall and .5 for the fall. Then on the 2nd attempt they resume judging at the point at which she fell on the first try. So any form deductions on the turn and drop down, and landing.


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May 27, 2009
Region 6 (Northeast)
So, what if the gymnast doesn't get back up to do the dismount again? Is there a deduction in addition to the .5 for the fall? IOW, is it more risky to make the second attempt from a deduction standpoint?


If she has already saluted, she has finished her routine. Maybe the coach had her go back to be aware than she can if it were to happen again.

Each part of the dismount is worth points. In the handstand, hitting vertical is worth points, then holding is worth points, the 1/4 turn is worth points, and keeping body straight while coming off the beam is worth points. (And by points, I mean tenths). If they fall to the wrong side before hitting vertical and know that they could do it right a second time, they could save as much as .6 in deductions, but would still have .5 for the fall. If they only make it sometimes, it would not be worth going back and getting another .5 for fall and any deductions on form.


Technically the routine IS finished once the gymnast salutes. However....

Especially with level 4 early in the season I would think the judges probably judged the 2nd attempt. It would be hard to know for certain without being there, but we have had level 4's salute after a fall before and get up and keep going and continue to be judged.
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