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Level 6/7 Vault

Discussion in 'Canada' started by vbdb, May 8, 2018.

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  1. Anyone know if we'll follow suit this year with the vault changes JO is introducing in the US, the yurchenko and tsuk timers? I think we were a year behind on the compulsory roll out, wondering if that's always the case.
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  2. I don't know, but DD will be level 6 or 7 next season so I'll be curious to see if anyone knows.
  3. Yes it is changing in Canada as well.... so I have been told.
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  4. oh good! I can't spend another year watching FHS vaults and my DD gets 9.5+ on vault pretty reliably now, she could do with a challenge this year for L7.
  5. In the old code, there were options for L7 vault as well, front handspring was just the most common
  6. Have you heard if all of the changes are being adopted, the changes to 6 will affect a lot of girls mobility. I know at our gym kids who are a bit older and can’t do the 5 skills will move to 6 instead of being stuck in 4. It sounds like that really won’t be an option any more
  7. The changes to 6 make it about the same as 5 is now difficulty wise. The cast on bars won't be deducted for not hitting handstand anymore but they'll need a flyaway. On beam they need a flight skill or connected acro. No change to floor. It definitely can't be made easier anymore than 5 like it is today which was helpful with older kids who maybe wouldn't have success at 5 but can hang out at 6 with their own routines.
  8. I am not sure what exactly they are taking. I just heard that L6 & L7 will now have timers. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I'm sure your coach can assist . :)

  9. Yes but asking them makes me look crazy and it doesn’t really apply to my kiddo I was just curious about some of her friends.
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  10. Ha! That's why I ask 50% of my questions on here... I'm curious about something that is a year or two ahead of my kid and I literally can't ask the question at the gym without looking like an absolute crazy person!
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  11. It would depend on WHAT skills for L5 they are stuck on. On beam, a CW is in L4... They just have to connect 2 of them (no BWO or BHS required) in L6.
    On Bars, whatever they would have done in the past could work as long as they have a flyaway (or front flyaway).
    On Floor, they should be fine too.
    And if the L5 scoring would be killer, they could go to L6 and just have a lower SV on the struggling events.
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