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Level 6 vs Level 7


Proud Parent
Jan 31, 2015
Hello there! My dd just finished up her level 5 season and is now working on level 6/7 skills. It was my understanding that my dd would do level 5 skip 6 (if she had the skills) and compete 7 next year. My dd tells me she is competing 6 (per coach) next year. Because most of the other girls besides the compulsories are just really starting their season it just depends on if they get their skills for level 7 (the giant being the big one they are working on). They have until September/October to get their skills. I keep telling my dd she could possibly do 7 but she insists she isn't ready for that. My question to all of you is what are the major differences skill wise from level 6 to 7. I tried looking for it in the search bar but it keeps taking me to older posts. I think (I could totally be misunderstood) that the vault changed recently though. Thanks!

Mrs. Puma

Staff member
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Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
Vault is the same, and for the other events you need two Bs for L7 vs only one for L6. There are a lot more specifics than that (like full HS, series on beam, layout on floor ect) but I’ll let others with better knowledge explain! The JO COP has it all spelled out, but you do have to pay to download it. Good luck!


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Apr 18, 2015
Bars: they need 2 circling elements, plus have more strict handstand requirements. A lot of gyms will require giants but they are not an actual level 7 requirement.

Beam: they need a series and a flight skill

Floor: they need a back layout connected to 2 other skills (ex: round-off bhs layout or front tuck step-out, round-off layout) and a directly connected front series with one salto (ex: fhs front tuck).
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Proud Parent
Mar 10, 2017
Don’t quote me on this but I think this is what it is at our gym...
Vault is the same as L6.
For bars you have to do giants.
For floor, the tumbling series, you have to do RO, BHS, layout instead of ROBHS back tucks.
And beam is a flight series, like back walkover back handspring rather than just back handspring in L6.
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