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Level 8 Bars - Extra Elements

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My dd starts her Level 8 bars with - Glide Kip; Cast to Handstand 180 turn; however, she came up short on cast to handstand and proceded into a series of clear hip to handstands (actually she did 3 of them) before she was able to complete her 180 turn. My question is what kind of deduction for adding all these extra elements (3 clear hip to handstands on low bar) before executing her 180 turn. The remainder of her routine was squat on; jump to high bar, long hang kip; clear hip circle; giant, giant, flyaway.

Thanks for your response in advance.


Feb 3, 2009
I'm not a judge, but the JO Code Of Points states that overuse of specific elements or variation of that element is Up to 0.20 deduction. Maybe someone who is a judge could be more specific.


Apr 14, 2009
It's technically not a deduction to do "extra elements" in an optional routine as the judge doesn't necessarily know what is extra in the routine and what is part of the routine. However, an element only counts toward the routine when completed twice (as long as the skill is entered or exited different the second time.) So, she would have received credit for the 2 of her clear hip to handstands and the clear hip hand 1/2 (as it is a different skill), but the 4th clear hip hand on the high bar recieved 0 credit...not necessarily a deduction, but didn't help.

However, there would have been deductions if she kept trying to turn in the handstand phase of the clear hip but didn't complete...like if she kept shifting her weight and picking up her hand, but had to go back to the original handstand position. She likely received rhythm deductions and potentially a swingful execution deduction throughout.

Adding extra elements to a compulsary routine would result in a .3 deduction.
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