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Level 8 Bars

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Kip, tuck on, straddle back, kip tuck on, long hang kip, cast hand, clear hip hand, giant giant, dismount. I'm not sure if that covers all the requirements--it's been a while. I'll ask around tonight at work.


My daughter did (from between bars)..kip cast, 1/2 piroutte, kip squat on, kip cast, clear hip to hand, giant giant ,full twisting dismount. I think layout flyaway would be OK too.

In our gym our level 8s now do kip cast, clear hip to hand, kip squat on, kip cast swing to 1/2 piroutette, swing to 1/2 piroutte, giant, giant flyaway.


Apr 9, 2007
I have 2 different routines that my 8's do.

Kip cast, squat on, jump to hb, free hip hand, giant, blind change, front giant 1/2, double back/layout/full.


starting between bars kip cast piro, free hip, kip cast squat on, jump to hb, giant, giant, lay/double/full. (tends to be easiest)


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Dec 8, 2007
um cut catch kip free hip kip squat on uprise free hip flyaway. thats what I did before I got my giants. It worked in the YMCA league. I got a 9 with it. lol


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Feb 15, 2008
my routine was pretty easy. Start in between the bar and do a kip clearhip to hand, pirroute, kip, pike on. Then long hang kip, clear hip to hand, giant, giant, layout fly. It's easy and covers all requirements.


EASY skills that you can combine or do alone:
-free hip to handstand aka clear hip
-half pirouette (you would start facing the low bar with your back to the high bar) (TURNING)
-straddle back aka counterswing (RELEASE)
-NOT COMMON...drop down from high bar to low bar aka "drop down kip" YouTube - Olga Strazheva - 1988 Olympics Team Compulsories - Bars *it's the second thing she does, you can jump to high bar and then immediately go to low bar though

INTERMEDIATE skills that you can combine or do alone:
-bail*cannot do hndstd b/c it will be of D value and will void routine, from hor. cast to handstand catch or handstand cast to hor. catch is fine* aka overshoot (RELEASE)
-EVERYONE FORGETS THESE!!! THIS CAN BE A RELEASE SKILL FOR THE ROUTINE! toe-up aka toe-shoot aka toe-shoot to high aka toe catch aka chinese sit up (you put your feet on the low bar from a handstand either on the sides of your hands, in the middle, or one at a time in the middle and then take them off and catch the high bar and kip) *instead of squat on (RELEASE)
-toe-hand aka toe on toe off to handstand aka toe to handstand (like a free hip but your feet go on the bar on the sides of your hands, in the middle, or in the middle one by one)
-stalder (circle around the bar in a straddle then come to handstand) see youtube
-uprise to horizontal (swing so that your body comes up to horizontal)
-blind change (TURNING)
-front giant, straight body or straddled
-front giant half (half pirouette out of front giant)
-hop (hop hands to front support grip, meets requirement, C value) (RELEASE)
-hop 1/2 (hop hands to front support than 1/2 pir. , C value) (RELEASE)
-mixed grip blind *C value* (blind to one hand mix gripped to other reg. then change mixed grip)
Easy: back layout
Intermediate: back layout 1/2
back layout 1/1
Hard: front layout (from hop or front giants)
back double tuck

Just make sure you meet all of your requirements, I hope this helps!


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Jul 16, 2008
Upstate NY
Some of our level 8s do this bar routine: (starting inbetween the bars) kip, 1/2 piro, freehip, kip, squat-on, kip, giant, giant, flyaway.
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