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LIVE STREAM: Cheerleading World Championships

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Jul 21, 2017
For anyone who is not familiar with this world - the Cheerleading World Championships are taking place this week/ weekend and early next week in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

If anyone is interested in watching here is the live stream for the ICU Competition (Countries): http://cheerunion.org/2018splash/

and schedule here: http://cheerunion.org.ismmedia.com/ISM3/std-content/repos/Top/Championships/WCC/icu_wcc_performanceorder_18.pdf

Unfortunately the club competition is not live streamed on a free service.

I highly recommend the following teams if you want to watch good cheerleading:

Thursday April 26th:

Preliminaries Coed Premier- Level Six

  • Team USA - 3:12 PM
  • Team Canada - 3:24 PM
  • Team Finland - 3:36 PM
  • Team Mexico - 3:48 PM
  • Team Thailand - 4:06 PM
  • Chinese Taipei - 5:30 PM
Preliminaries All Girl Premier- Level Six
  • Team Norway - 3:06 PM
  • Team USA - 3:54 PM
  • Team Canada - 4:36 PM
  • Team Finland - 4:48 PM
Also, Canada and USA have Special Abilities teams represented this year!!

Top 10 from both divisions go on to compete in finals on Friday!! - Club competition starts on Saturday, and I believe finals are held on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
Not open for further replies.

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