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Look what D did!

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by skschlag, Jul 30, 2018.

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  1. Yup..4 weeks in a boot...then we will see what is next :)

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  2. Oh no! What happened? Good luck to him in his recovery, injuries totally suck...
  3. Tumbling warm up... Front tuck step out, fhs step out, fhs rebound. Had a ton of power, and his rebound was huge. Landed on the top of his foot and rolled it :(
  4. Ugh!! I’m so sorry! I clicked thinking you were going to show us an awesome new skill!!! Prayers for quick healing!
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  5. Sorry....wish I had some great new skill...He can do a handstand in a boot....does that count?
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  6. Yep!! Mine was in a boot for 6 weeks at the beginning of last meet season...so sad for them! Maybe get him the puppy crutch pads she used...lol!!!
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  7. He is actually weight bearing. No crutches!!! And at least season really doesn't start until January, and he doesn't need to really "bring it" until April...
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  8. Sending healing vibes your way! My dd is 1/2 way through 4 weeks in a boot. It’s torture for all of us!! Seeing the dr. tomorrow, fingers crossed .
  9. Ugh! Opened the thread thinking some new funky new skill too! Its great he is getting the power into his tumbling but this adds a whole new worry I hadn' thought of yet. The rebound is supposed to be the safe part!
    Hope it heals quickly and well, and that he finds enough to do to feel like he is moving in the right direction while it happens!
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  10. So did I! I was ready to say woo hoo, not oh crap. Darn it! I hope he heals quickly.
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  11. very good thread, Thanks for posting
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  12. Sorry. Hope he is better quickly.
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