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Looking for Gymnastics video-PLEASE HELP!

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May 21, 2008
Sorry to ask again guys but this is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!!

There was a youtube I watched... Carly Patterson, Hollie Vice and Nastia Liukin (+ 1 other) did a group performance with floor beam and bars together...to a britney spears medley...they got dresse dup like her... like one of them wore a tight red lather suit and performed to "oops i did it again" carly was performing to toxic she dressed in all black leather and hollie was "hit me baby one more time" etc and there was a video of britney spears playing in the back ground.

Has anyone else seen this or know where to find it? I have a feeling it was at the 2007 hilton spectacular but i cannot find it on youtube or google or ANYTHING... please help!!!!

- Tak
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