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loose grips

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New Member
Jun 21, 2008
Region 3
so i go new grips last august and they were by ballie (however u spell it) they were size 2's and i really needed a 2 1/2 but they only made whole sizes in that grip. they felt kinda short and after i peeled off the bar and fractured my back in december, i thought some new grips that were bigger would help because my old ones felt like i couldnt grip the bar well enough. they r the same brand i belive but have buckles... thank the lord, wayyy better than those dumb velcro ones that can never get tight enough! they were and are great, but i am on the last hole and they've stretched. i don't know if they r quite stretched out enough to punch another hole. what should i do in the meantime? one of my coaches said to use prewrap and tape to add an extra layer of thickness? is this a good idea? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i feel like they are slide around too much... maybe its mental, but they arent pulling on my wrist like they used to. i dont like that especially cause im extra cautious about bars cause of my back injury. thanks!
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