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For Parents Lordosis


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Aug 25, 2020
My dd (13 year old level 7/8) has been having back pain for the past couple weeks and we were finally able to go to the doctor today (scheduling an appointment was a mess because of Covid). Luckily no fracture, but she has been diagnosed with a fairly mild case of lordosis which is an arching of the lower back. The doctor said that she can return to gymnastics within a couple weeks, but has to do core exercises in order to work on engaging her core on landings instead of arching. We're both super relieved it's not a fracture! Has anyone dealt with this before/has words of advice?


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Aug 22, 2008
My dd was diagnosed with this several years ago. It didn't really start bothering her until, I think, around L6/7? She was having pain with bwos on beam. She made it to L10 and continued in college gymnastics. She had to reduce her numbers of bwo's and fwo's in practice/conditioning and yes, lots of core strengthening. We had known for many years because she always arched in her handstands. It continued to be issue in bar routines throughout the years