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Major Advice/Opinions needed!

Should I move gyms? (According to my recent thread)

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New Member
Jul 24, 2018
PLEASE READ! Hello! I am new to Chalk Bucket, I came here because I am in desperate need of advice/opinions.
I currently attend a small gym, and its not the best gym in town. We only have Xcel until Lvl 8, because there aren't enough girls in the USAG program. (There are none in the USAG Program right now. Only Xcel.I am pretty sure the highet lvl girl is Xcel Platinum, at the most.) It is a small, relaxed (for lack of a better term) gym.
There is another gym in my town that has produced an olympian, and is an amazing team. It is a very big, well-known, professional / formal gym.
At my current gym, I am training Xcel Gold/Platinum, whereas I feel I could be improving much more and much faster at the new gym. The new gym has Xcel and USAG, but I would be doing USAG Hopefully Lvl 6/7. I am very determined and know I can do it.
My issue is that this new gym is very professional and I wouldn't be up to date with the other girls, although I know I can get there. I know for sure I don't want to stay in my current gym, though. Please help! I am just scared because I know I won't be at the same level as the other girls my age. They are all Lvl 8,9,10,Hopes, Elite, etc...


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Jan 4, 2008
It might help to organise a trial, then you will actually find out what they will offer you. A lot of the big super competitive gyms, won’t take everyone. They may have an age limit, and only take High school
Aged kids if they are higher level optionals.

If your gym is very laid back you might not meet the strength and flexibility requirements or the skills standards required.

Once you have more information and know if and what they will offer you, then you will be able to make a better informed choice.


Proud Parent
Apr 5, 2012
I agree that you should arrange a trial to see if they will take you and what level team you would be placed on (we know someone with 6/7 level skills who was still placed on the level 4 team).

If you are offered a spot and are willing to take it, there is also the issue of what the difference in cost would be between the two gyms. The bigger, well known gym where you will likely be training more hours is also likely to come with a bigger price tag. Is that something your parents are going to be willing/able to pay for?

Finally, look at what other things you do. Xcel allows for a more “normal” high school experience and the flexibility to do more with school, outside friends, etc. Are you willing to give up the other things you do to be training in the gym 20 hours a week? Are your organization skills and academics good enough that you will be able to finish homework and study for tests with the more limited time you will have available?

I’m sure there is more I’m not thinking of, but those are the three main thinking points I thought of. Whatever you decide, I hope it is a good decision for you and that you are happy and successful wherever you wind up.


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May 5, 2017
I suggest you contact the new gym explain to them what you what your goals are. By coming here and asking are you looking for approval? I think you should move gyms and work had to follow your dreams.


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Feb 21, 2015
I am confused about your age. It says you are fifty years old?


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Jun 24, 2018
Orange County, CA
"although I know I can get there. I know for sure I don't want to stay in my current gym, though."

I grabbed these 2 phrases from your link because I think they are important. First, you acknowledge you're a little nervous about entering the new gym, but you show some confidence that you'll be able to catch up. That's great! Second, you've already "left" your current gym. Mentally, you're not there. It seems the only thing holding you back is that you're about to leave your comfort zone to a new, challenging situation.

One piece of advise I'll give - it works for gyms or jobs or anything in your future.. Always run towards something, not away from something.

Best of luck!
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