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Male gymnast books

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by acam1103, Jun 5, 2018.

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  1. Anyone know of any?? My 8 year old read Lance Ringnald’s biography and desperately wants something similar for a road trip this weekend but I’m coming up blank. Any reading level is fine but his requirements are it must be non-fiction and must be a MALE gymnast.
  2. I have looked on and off for years and never found anything. Dan Gutman (who is a pretty good fiction-for-boys writer- see the baseball card series of books) wrote a general non-fiction book about gymnastics with girls and boys, but my boys were underwhelmed.

    I just looked around again and once again came up empty, but this gave me a good chuckle as further proof that gymnastics is a girl's world: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3928725-boys-in-the-gym
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  3. Well that link gave me a good laugh at least :) So disappointing that there aren't more books out there though. Little man is going to be a grump when I tell him - he devoured the Ringnald book (and then lost his mind with amazement that his coach KNOWS Lance and competed against him at one point). I'll float the idea of the fiction one to him but he's got some quirks and one of them is an obsession with all that is factual.
  4. The Dan Gutfield book on gymnastics is non-fiction, just a basic, "this is what gymnastics is" type book.
    My youngest (now 12) is mostly into non-fiction- history mostly these days. I thought he was a "reluctant reader" for ages when in fact he just could not stand all the fantasy stuff my older son loves. He prefers biographies or true life adventures of one kind or another, he also likes the "Eyewitness" books series on just about everything.
  5. Dang, missed the edit time limit. I should get the Ringnald book, it looks great.
  6. Well, there’s also Louis: My Story So Far - about the British gymnast Louis Smith, but the price on amazon is
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  7. Not sure if it fits the criteria ( or if it’s age appropriate) but there’s “ way of the peaceful warrior” by dan millman.
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  8. I cannot believe it. How have you guys found these biographies? And I thought I was good at searching for things online.

    I read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior decades ago- I completely forgot the protagonist was a gymnast. I'll have to read it again.
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  9. When my son was younger (8-12), I searched for male gymnast biographies and didn't find any. I just ordered Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Lance Ringnald's book. I'm not finding the book on Louis Smith on Amazon. Where did you find it?
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  11. Thank you so much everyone - these are great! I ordered several to get us through the trip this weekend and the first part of summer.
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