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For Parents medal display idea

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Medals can accumulate quickly can't they? If your gym-bug is like mine, she has to have them all on display. I found a neat way to do just that. I bought a white pole type curtain rod and attached decorative brackets to the wall. The pole just lays in the brackets so you can one lift one end and loop medals onto it anytime. It is strong enough to hold ALOT! She currently has about 80 medals on it now and it may be time to start another one next season. The rods come in all styles and colors. Sorry I don't have a photo, (I'm a bit challenged in that area) Try it!:)


Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
Great idea. You should design one for gymnastics, trademark it and become a multi millionaire. Remember, it just takes one good idea and a need. Good luck. I will use the idea the way it is until you design the real thing. I was needing a place to put my DD's as well.


Cute idea! Beth just has hers attached to the underside of her top bunk bed (underneath isn't her sister's bed, but a desk area). And I put nails in Sami's headboard of her bed and the medals are hanging there (other side of where she sleeps--the bed isn't up against a wall at the head of her bed, so it works for her). I like your idea though!
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