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Does anyone have any suggestions for meet hair for a child with a side part? My 12-year-old has long hair with lots of layers. She wears a side part all of the time, so when I try to middle part it to do a bun, it really sticks up on one side (and looks terrible). If I try to do a bun out of a side part, the hair at the top/back of her head sticks up. I admit I am no pro at doing meet hair ;).

Does anyone have any suggestions for long, layered hair with a side part to make it look neat (has to be above the nape of the neck)?

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Feb 26, 2007
Unless she has some kind of freakishly weird hair you should be able to get it to behave itself.:eek:

Start with damp hair (not dripping) add some product, I use a combo of gel and hair styling wax. then style it into a bun or a high pony tail. It will look very sleek and will be solid for a long time. Give it a shot of hair spray and sparkles and she'll be fine.

My little has a severe cow lick (who knows what they call that in the US) and her hair will do what your DD's does unless I attack it with product and water.

Good luck, meet hair can be such a challenge, especially as they get older and refuse to submit!!!:D


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Jul 12, 2007
If the hair won't participate - even though I agree with bog, you can get it to work :), then you could always do a low bun or pony (above the neck, but not on the crown) - we always do a side part for anything low - good luck


Small parts, like the beginning of a "spider web" doo, works. I often will part one on the top, and two to each side, five total. That's the semi-quick version. Use smaller hair rubberbands. If you need even more control, another row behind, pefore you pull the pony or bun. Eliminates the one large part thing. Even just two close to the head, one on each side, and then pulled up helps with all the fly aways and uneven bangs. I believe this issue is what started the fancy spider web doo. I hope you know what I'm talking about with the spider web... I can try and find pics if you need me to.


Here's the link to another thread in CB.... HAIRSTYLES. Some of the pics are already taken off their host site, but Bogs little ones are down there somewhere too. She has an excellent spiderweb pic and some other cuties.
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