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For Parents Meet reports for the last 2 meets. (long)

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Feb 16, 2008
I got behind and have not updated on Bug's last two meets. The Salto Invitational (Feb 22, 2009) and the Harley Invitational (March 8, 2009).

First up Salto Invitational--She was in the 8 - 9 age group:

With the gym name starting with an "A" 90% of this season she has started on bars, with the host gyms starting on vault. This was the case here also.

Bars: Overcoming the evil mill circle at the Chicago Style Meet was not a one time thing, she did it here also and again received a score in the 9's. 9.20 11th place

Beam: I would say that normally she goes toward the back of the team on event, so I was not prepared for her to start the team off on beam--no video. She had no falls, just wobbles and received a 8.55. Tied score took 18th place, just missed a medal. I asked how she ended up first-- per the coach she begged to go first so that she would not have to wait.

Floor: Solid routine, last of the team to go. 9.175 3rd place.

Vault: Thank goodness for two vaults. First on looked good, still continues to stick her butt out. Second one--BELLY FLOP. The coach thinks that she was distracted by coachs near the floor that moved right when she was getting up to them. 9.30 tied for 10th, received 11th place medal.

All-around: Best to date 36.225 8th place.

Harley Invitational (8 year old age group):

The meet was great with the exception that JBS did not put his order in for nice weather. The normal 2 hour drive was a 4.5 hour drive home in horrific travel conditions, but it was worth it for how Bug did.

Guess where we started: BARS--expect 6 of the girls did start on floor.

Bars: They say that doing things in multiple times mean you have it-- well she has the mill circle. She nailed the routine and received 9.400 her first time w/ a first place medal.

Beam: Going into this meet her goal was to get a 9 on beam as that is the only event that she has not received a 9 on. Few wobbles here and there, the highest handstand that I have seen in competition, remembering to kick past 90 before the handstand and dismount. Well she did it. 9.125 2nd place.

Floor: The video kicked itself off so I missed the beginning and the jumps, but still with a solid routine. I think thought that I was nervous knowing she has scored both 8's and 9's in the past and she had her 9 on beam so I was really hoping for a 9 to keep the ball rolling, and she did it. 9.150 4th place

Vault: Warm up was horrible as was practice earlier in the week, she had been having problems hitting the board and getting a good jump off of it. Also I think that her coach is getting tired of telling her to squeeze her butt. Well in the meet she hit both vaults. scored 9.475 and received FIRST PLACE

All-around: She did it :applause::jump:All 9's and received her highest score of 37.15 and recieved her first trophy for 2nd place.

The only thing that we were commenting on was that when they announced the scores they started from 1st place and went out to the last placement. I like it better when they start with the farthest place out and then go to first place.

On more meet to go, then the up training goes into full force. The girls have a list of requirements to complete before being able to move to the next level, not only the level 5 skills, but a good 50% of level 6 skills and strength/conditioning requirements. If they complete the list by July, then they will do level 5 in the fall '09 -- otherwise they will compete at their current level. If the list is completed by November they will compete the next level starting in January '10.

Thanks for reading.

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Feb 26, 2007
YOu really have to post more often, I was looking for the page numbers, bwahahaha. Bug really has come along, those routines looked fabulous. SOunds like moving up at your gym is tough, I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

Good luck at States.


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Mar 5, 2008
North America
The only thing that we were commenting on was that when they announced the scores they started from 1st place and went out to the last placement. I like it better when they start with the farthest place out and then go to first place.

Congrats on some great meets (especially the 2nd one)! Wow! Those were some awesome scores! Great job!!!

I know what you mean about the announcing of the awards--so far 3 of dd's 4 meets they have announced 1st place first and then go down from there. It kind of defeats the purpose of the suspense.

Another pet peeve of mine is when the gymnast goes up to the medal stand BEFORE her name is called. I guess they know it is them by the score in the event and the gym name, but still, I think that is very rude and assuming behavior. Hopefully the coaches will teach these athletes to wait until their name IS called.


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Good luck at States.
Actually it is not states, states here in WI are in the fall. It is just a local meet at one of the other gyms in town. It is a small meet -- just us and the host gym, all compulsories (4-6) in one session.

gym mom

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Sep 8, 2007
Wow Bug is doing great!Congrats on her 1st trophy.Yeahhhh! Good luck to Bug on getting her requirements to move to L5.


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Jan 17, 2008
WOW! Great news! Bug is doing amazing, I am sure she will get those L5 and L6 skills.

Next year, I will send the Weather Fairy to you before the drive to Milwaukee!
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