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For Parents meet results

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So today we had a meet at our sister gym. Last year Ambie did very well there, so she was excited. So they started on floor. At this meet they had two judges. She looked sloppy. Her backwalkover left a lot to be desired, she lept so far she could not stop and got a fall. She ended up with a 7.75. She was devistated.
Then to vault she shook the previous rotation off and got a 8.75, that was a high score they did not announce places.
Then to bars. This has been a struggle all season. She got a 8.9. Great, also a high score , most scores were low 8's.
Then to beam, she was last so everyone was watching her, she loves that. She looked awsome. She hit full verticle on her handstand, landed and then fell. She ended up with an 8.6, which was great considering the fall.
When it was all done she was still mad about floor. She took 5th out of 10 in the all around even with the low floor score, which means she must have placed high on the other events. We wont know until this week as they only announced the all around. When I showed her the video she critiqued it and said that her floor probably deserved lower lol and then she was fine. Her BFF took 1st and the team took first.
Not open for further replies.