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Modest previews up for SCSU, MIT, Brown, Yale, UNH, Rutgers

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Nov 12, 2007
New England
I've posted modest team previews, which certainly have plenty of limitations as usual, but should they be of any interest they're up. Bridgeport's preview is coming next week. I wanted to add more color to them, but time didn't allow it, but I will be putting that into meet reports.

Team Previews

As a fan the amount that I don't know about gymnastics far outweighs what I do know so these previews are basically based on what I can write about, but admittedly I'm no expert in many areas.


Aug 3, 2008
GO SCSU! I'd completely lost touch with what was going on with SCSU gymnastics after I graduated the school in 2004. I hadn't even realized they had gotten a new coach. It's exciting to see what the team is doing at my old alma mater! It's rare to see them mentioned anywhere.

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