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Moving from USA

Discussion in 'UK' started by RobvicJ, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Hi I was just hoping you guys could help, we’re RAF & currently posted in California,, my dd is an 8 year old level 3 and competes. When we return home she is keen to continue competing. I just wondered level wise and with the terminology differences etc would she even be able to join a club and team or would she be back to development/pre team? We’ve only ever done gymnastics stateside so have no clue how it works in the UK, thanks in advance
  2. Absolutely she'd be able to join a squad and compete, what level she is in would depend on the gym, at a power house elite gym she may not be young enough for their squads but at most gyms there will be a competition group for her. Her level would also depend on whether she has done any uptraining, how well conditioned she is, what her form is like etc. The terminology is not that different and wouldn't be a problem at all. The British Gymnastics website has a list of clubs around the country so if you know where you will be based you can start looking or ask for recommendations.
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  3. Thank you! I think I was worried she’d have to start all over again!
  4. 8 year old level 3 will be fine here. She is probably looking at competing level 6 in most areas if she only has her JO level 3 skills. If she has her upstart (kip) and front/ back somersaults on floor , BWO on beam and handspring vault over a table she would probably fit with most regions Level 5. 8 is still plenty young enough to get in squad and do levels and grades here. Arrange some trials with a few clubs in your area when you get here and see where she fits best. Good luck and let us know how she gets on.
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  5. We might be moving to London. My son is 13, and doing JD at a Level 8/9 skill range. Is Men’s gymnastics popular there, or will we have trouble finding a gym? How do levels and competitions work there?
  6. Mens gymnastics is very popular here. Our male gymnasts are very successful here and Max and Nile are pretty much national celebrities. There are lots of mens clubs around, once you know where you will be in the London area you could start looking at some clubs.
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