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Mushroom Circles...Again

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by acam1103, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Does anyone have creative ideas for helping a little guy (6 years old) understand what his body is supposed to do for a circle on the mushroom? I know it takes a ton of patience and practice (I've been through it with my other three). He wants to practice on our home mushroom but practice is going to get him nowhere because he basically just puts his hands down on the mushroom and then leap-frogs it. While I think it is adorable, he is not happy with getting a (very generous) 6.5 at his meet. I, on the other hand, thought his entire meet was adorable. Turns out, that's not what he was going for :D
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  2. I know....adorable is not what they want..lol. But we love it!

    Do they use a bucket at gym? I think any drills he does at gym and repeats at home is great. One day, it will just 'click'
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  3. I have no helping words....just thought the post was cute. This is our DS first year competing with his first meet this weekend. I'll just be happy if he's happy....
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  4. For anyone who wants to enjoy the adorable :). Sadly mushroom isn’t on the video because it was tucked in a corner and we couldn’t see (but I see him do it at home).

    They do use the bucket at gym but I think maybe not enough!
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  5. So cute! They really dont want to be adorable, a 10 year old has totally had a tantrum when i call her cute.

    And we cant offer drills, we dont know what his mushroom looks like now. Instead, make him ask his coaches what he can do at home. If he is still a bit young to do that, you can do that too
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  6. I’m guessing the other boy gym moms know exactly how it looks :). He literally has no idea what to do and just hops over it after placing both hands down and lifting the lead hand up. He doesn’t understand how to make his body do what he sees others doing. So it’s more of an issue of helping little guys learn where their body is in space than how specifically to make a better circle.
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  7. Feet in a bucket that hangs from over the mushroom?
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  8. I have seen them do that at gym from time to time. I vetoed my husbands idea to hang one from the beams in our living room ceiling :)
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  9. He is adorable! I LOVE L4 boys...so cute......
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  10. Love the littles, they are too cute. Put something down on the floor at each fourth of the mushroom. Have him move from one to other, stopping with the proper body and hand position. You may have to help him into each position at first. Though I imagine he has practiced this at the gym. Once he can do it well, take away the first one and get him to go halfway. You might want to look up some youtube videos that you watch together.
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  11. Gosh darn that's adorable. If there is ever a level 4 boys session going on one side at an invitational I have a tough time focusing on my side. Just too dang cute!
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  12. He'll figure it out, I'm sure. I think as long as he's getting the idea about hand placements, it's all good. Loved the video. He looks great! When your little guy was on FX, I could see our tinies on high bar. I wish I could go back to L4! There really is nothing cuter in the world.
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  13. Ah, I bet this what they have been doing at gym but for some reason he thought the second position was the end of it, so now he puts too much effort into stopping there. Since he’s so short this gets him way out over the mushroom to get his feet to the floor for that stop point and basically forces a dismount. Maybe I’ll try to get him focused on the third spot at home. Mushroom and vault tend to get delegated to the upper level guys who are coaching part time and really they are too busy being overwhelmed by a bunch of 6 year olds to focus much on any one thing I would bet :)
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  14. Love it - I thought of you when I realized your gym was there. Their coach is so stinking cute with the little guys! Is your son going to Greater NY? Would love to say hi in person sometime this year!
  15. One of the little guys BEGGED his mom to let him go to the meet with Coach Bob. Lol! And yes, we will be at GNYI. Just looked at the "final" schedule, and oh my -- I sure hope your L5 guys are D1!
  16. They are, thank goodness! The schedule change messed up our plans but at least we are only spanning two of the days now instead of all three :)
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  17. Well the base routine is 1 1/2 circles. So the finish is on that side, but the position of the dsimount is different the body position halfway through the circle
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  18. Yah, he’s basically just going half way around and ending in the body position for half way through a circle. But since he’s so short, stopping at that point basically pushes him off the mushroom because his shoulders are so stretched out to get his feet to the ground. If that makes sense.
  19. Oh my gosh so adorable!. Mine is now 8 and going into level 6 this year and I would say still hasn't fully "figured" out the mushroom. Better now, but still not consistent. It definitely has hurt him in the AA scores as he is pretty strong in other events. I assume at some point he will get it (or not :) ).
  20. He is super cute! My DS figured out how to do one circle on mushroom right before his first meet last year. I think it just takes time for it to click.
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