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My long overdue State Meet reports for Emily and Madison

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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Okay let's start with my level 6:)
State was the weekend of Dec 12/13 here in Nebraska.
Emily's group was once again the toughest age group for the level 6s.
Emily started Floor...Warmups... you guessed it...didn't go very well at all.
Stress was bringing back her roundoff bhs mental blocks. 3 passes go by and she didn't do it.. Final chance she connected them and did the entire pass with the back tuck. It is all about the first round off bhs for some reason. I wish it would end ugh.... Anyway, she competed fine and of course since the RO Bhs Bt is at the end of the routine... I didn't even want to look but she did great. Scored an 8.55 from the judge she had 2 weeks before where she got an 8.45 so she improved with that judge. Next up Vault... Where she shines. However for some reason this judge doesn't like Emily. She has been judged 3 times by her and each time just scores worse and worse. She does a beautiful vault 8.75... what the heck....
Next up bars. Looks good but judge is tough as nails.... doesn't hit her first casting angle scores 8.05 but that is a big improvement from the 7.55 she got from this judge at the meet Emily's gym hosted so good:)
Finally last up Beam... Oh my.... Not only last up event but Emily got put in order of the team to compete very last too. Warm ups... turning the back walkover which is always the first hurdle for Emily... Just going for it... However, she doesn't hit any of them... dumps them all off the beam. The let her compete anyway but put her last in the line up as I mentioned before. So all the girls from our team and 3 other girls from 2 other teams go before Emily. Emily has to sit with our team all facing away from the beam until their turns... I am sitting there on pins and needles wondering if this entire time Emily is thinking about this BWO skill and getting more and more anxiety about it... Which is the worst thing Emily can do... She just needs to let her brain memory due the skill for her instead of focusing on the skill and the fears around it... Oh and on top of that... I am just hoping and hoping that floor isn't done competing when Emily finally gets up to compete. I hate when the meet is over and you are waiting on the last event which is usually beam and there is one or two girls left to compete... No more music just pure everybody is watching and anxiously awaiting awards...
So Emily finally gets up and salutes and thankfully floor is still going on but last girl is on floor and half way through her routine...
Emily gets to the BWO and the dance in front of it and turns the BWO... yes first hurdle... but dumps it right off the beam...by this time Floor is overwith and you can hear all the host meet people bringing in the bling right on the video....
Then She gets back up and goes right back into the dance move before BWO and attempts it again and nails it.... Yes.... She does great with the rest of the routine but of course overtime and still scores a 8.025:) Yes... Oh and I also learned that Emily had to repeat the BWO if she dumped the first no matter what and if she dumped the second one she was going to have to salute right there and scratch the rest of beam... So that made me even more proud of my little girl and overcoming this mental block under extreme stress.
Oh and one more thing I should mention... I totally forgot... This is just a great little joyful thing... The gym got extremely humid towards the end of the night and the beams got all sweaty... The coaches had to wipe them off and the girls were all freaking out about it... wiping their feet and hands none stop...so we had to add this to my daughters anxiety too. But I am so proud of her. Emily didn't place on anything that night but took 7th in the All Around. They only went out 5 places in each individual event and there were 10 girls in her age group that night. She scored a 33.355 in the AA.
I am proud of Emily and all that she has overcome and the shortened level 6 training that she had to due.
Oh but the best part is and the first time Emily has gotten to experience is that her Level 6 team went on to become the Nebraska Level 6 State Champions with a total score of 110.3.
We were all just ecstatic with this because none of the parents thought we pulled it off as the scores on bars just weren't that great with that tough judge.
Okay so Emily has one last meet at the end of this month which is a home meet where we have all our levels competing. It is essentially a fun meet for our compulsories so they haven't been working on routines lately. Emily is just excited to flash for optionals if we get her signed up quick enough. Emily has been doing great uptraining since we stopped and actually almost has her cast to handstand just not quite to turn it over the top. She also has been working on Round Offs on the beam and has made them on the med high beam.
Her BWO is going well too:) She has to do them until she makes 2-5 BWO perfectly at each practice before she gets to uptrain level 7/8 skills.
They have been working a lot of Tsuk drills for Vault which Emily loves... And a lot of front tumbling which Emily loves too. But conditioning has picked up a lot too and the girls are worn out by the end of each practice.
Emily's gym does conferences after their seasons and the coaches goal and Emily's goal is keep the stress low and focus on getting over the mental blocks and work towards level 7 for next season with the goal of repeating level 6 in the fall and then moving right into the level 7 season in January if she gets all of her skills. They will uptrain for level 7/8 and work on strength, flexibility and conditioning and stronger level 6 skills as well.
Her state videos are at Youtube
Floor 8.55
Vault 8.75
Bars 8.05
Beam 8.025


I'd say she is one tough cookie! She certainly dealt well with all that stress. Congrats to Emily on overcoming those mental blocks! Best of luck in Level 7 next year!


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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Madison's Long overdue Level 4 State Meet report.

Madison did great:)
I am very proud of her even though she didn't place in any individual events.
She had a great first ever State Meet.
Madison started on Vault which is her nemisis. First vault doesn't make it over got stuck in her handstand. Next vault makes it over and scores a 8.5.
Next up bars... I thought she did a beautiful routine but unfortunately fell over on the lovely shoot through. However, I thought her score still could have been higher... 7.95.
Beam was up next another toughie for Madi as she is still so wobbly... She sticks everything but I don't think she actually did the arabesque so I think she took a big hit for that and scores a 7.725.
Floor was last and that is Madi's favorite. She does really good and scores an 8.0 which I think was low too:(
Oh well... they just are really tough here in NE because in Ks these scores definitely would have been much better.
Madison's conference after the season decided that Madison is going to repeat level 4 and work level 5 skills all summer. If she is ready by next fall to due level 5 she will but most likely repeat level 4 and work on getting stronger and on conditioning and focusing during practice.
I am fine with that... I actually would like to just keep our tuition pretty much the same this year as money is really tight right now:( I am having trouble figuring out how to just pay for gas lately just to get to practice all the time... It sucks...
I wish the girls were on the same practice schedule.
Madi unfortnately cried during the entire awards ceremony because she didn't get any individual awards and only a all around award which was 8th place out of 9. The winner in her group scored an outstanding and almost unheard of 38.15 for a 7 year old.. wow....but she was amazing... I am thinking she definitely has to be a repeat level 4 7 year old but who knows:)
She scored the highest score of all the level 4s in the state.
Here are her videos and you guys can judge for fun whether she was robbed somewhat on some of her events...
Vault 8.5
Bars 7.95
Beam 7.725
Floor 8.0


Congrats to her! Sounds like she did great with all that stress.


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Feb 26, 2007
Great job EMily, way to beat those fear demons and I love the State L6 Team Champions, that is awesome. Great report Melissa, now I'll go read Madi's!

Madi did great too., I would've scored her floor a bit higher, but I'm no judge!

I love the idea of post season meetings with the coach, clarity is such a wonderful thing!


Congrats to Madi! She looked good. Our scores here in Minnesota are tough--she would have scored similarly or even slightly lower here--on beam she was a little wobbly and didn't hold poses long--they really knock them for that here.

Panda-girl's Mom

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Jan 9, 2008
You can see how both girls have improved, they did really good. I think it is great that Emily went for her backwalker on the beam and made it. My daughter has only made it to one state meet (her 1st year as a level 4 she did not even qualify) and it does seem like the judging is more difficult but I quess it has to be since they are best gymnasts in the state. Congradulations to both girls qualifying.
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