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Need some floor help

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Dd is a level 6. Someone mentioned that she is getting deducted .2 for not taking three running steps on her last tumbling pass in her floor routine. Before she mentions it to her coach, I just wanted to verify that this information is accurate. She was taught to take two running steps and everyone on her team does this the same way. Also, I would really appreciate if you can point out any obvious deductions she's getting in her routine



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Oct 13, 2008
TD -

I would recommend that you chat with the coach and have the coach double-check the "purple book" on this one. I don't have it in front of me, but I do recall that it is VERY specific about numbers of steps for things in Level 6. I am sure a Judge could answer specifically, but I do know my daughter's team trains exactly 3 stepd going into the BHS-Back Tuck sequence.

Good Luck



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Aug 29, 2007
I'm pretty sure that your dd would get deducted if she took MORE than 3 steps. I found it, now what it doesn't tell me is how many steps are allowed. But I believe it is 3 steps. Best to ask the coach to be sure since I don't have the full book in front of me. Here is what the book states.

Lack of acceleration in the series Up to 0.20
FLIC-FLAC (0.60), Round-off:
BACKWARD SALTO Failure to pass through vertical Up to 0.30
TUCKED (0.80) Failure to land on feet simultaneously 0.10
Deep squat into flic-flac Up to 0.20
Failure to land on feet simultaneously 0.10
Backward salto tucked:
Failure to perform salto in designated body position
(performs pike or layout) Up to 0.80
Failure to extend/open prior to landing Up to 0.20
Failure to pause in “controlled stick” 0.05

Taking additional running steps into tumbling passes (Floor Exercise) Each 0.10
(Max. 0.30 per tumbling pass)
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It's one to three steps. Extra steps are .1.

It sounds like it 'could' be up to interpretation though....if it's up to three steps and you only take two steps, then can a judge interpret that as a 'Lack of acceleration in the series Up to 0.20 deduction'
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I could see her getting a deduction for lack of acceleration as she goes into all her tumbling in a very languid sort of way. It is partly because she looks elegant rather than powerful the speed she goes is deceptive - she is probably tumbling faster than she looks. Worth checking the step thing but don't worry she is beautiful on floor.


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Jun 24, 2008
It is NOT a deduction for only taking 2 steps into the last pass. Lack of acceleration refers to the speed of the skills in the pass, not to running speed (although walking into a pass probably isn't a good idea either). You would take this deduction on kids whose RO BHS BHS/BT is the same speed from beginning to end or who actually slow down (which you see a lot at L5).
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