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New age limits for men's compulsory gymnastics

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by Clay a, May 30, 2018.

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  1. Anyone heard of new rules for this competition season concerning age limits on levels, for instance-level 5 capped at age 12, not allowing anyone over 12 to compete, 13 and over must compete as level 6?

    Clay A.
  2. I have not heard that, not sure how that works, as competing level 6 without the skills would be dangerous.
  3. Are you in the US? I can't tell anymore where people are from on here. If you are in US- While there are age caps in optionals, there are not in compulsories. I do not know how that would change this season as I think big changes only happen every 4 years, and we last had those changes 2 years ago.

    Are you being told by your gym there are age caps in compulsories? I wonder if they (your gym) are wanting kids who are still in compulsory levels over age12 to move to JD. If they have a JD program, that is. JD's also compete. But if your gym is having such a limit, it would be a gym rule, not a USAG rule.

    At least that is my understanding.
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  4. While I’m not necessarily “in the know”, I do not see this ever being the case.
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  5. I haven’t heard anything about it and would also be surprised if they made a change like that not at the 4 year mark. I’m hoping for changes back in the other direction so I really hope this isn’t true.

    Curious though, for things who think it would never happen or would be unsafe, how is it different from the upper age limits for optionals? If you can’t be over 14 in level 8, why not make the rule that you have to hit 6 by 13, etc?
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  6. Because it is a compulsory level. For it to be restricted like that means you are closing the door to the kid who never stepped foot in gym until they were 12. Optional levels are restricted to a minimum age because the skills get more dangerous. There’s nothing that is more dangerous for a 12 year old level 4 learning a round off than it would be for a 6 year old.

    The upper age limits in optionals are new, and I believe they’re meant to shuttle advanced kids who aren’t quite in the same range as others into JD.
  7. Just click on the + sign next to their name.
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  8. Yah I get the minimum age thing I was referring to the maximum. Many gyms don’t have JD as an option so the door is shut for gymnasts then too (especially since it’s not like WAG where you bump into another program on every street corner in most areas). I guess to me it’s not that crazy. If you’re going to get edged out at 15 because you aren’t ready for 9 might as well get edged out at 13. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t AGREE with any of the upper age limits. I just think if it’s the direction MAG already seems to be going it wouldn’t shock me (also, I’m bitter because I have an older non-superstar kid who is going to get screwed over by the age limits at some point which is maybe why it would shock me even less).
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  9. Men’s Gymnastics seems to be a lot of hurry up and wait. You are supposed to be Level 10 by 15, and then just keep improving. All that means is that kids need to start early, not need to repeat compulsory levels and progress.

    With maximum ages for optionals, it doesn’t take into account the switch to a May B-day or kids who start late. I think a lot of gyms felt they had to have a JD program for kids who didn’t easily fit the age parameters. Our gym puts all the kids between 11-12 who aren’t ready for 8 into JD, but many gyms don’t offer it.

    I understand minimum ages for the upper levels because younger bodies can be hurt more easily and over trained, but the upper limits don’t make sense, some kids don’t get level 8 skills by 12, and the sport seems to want to force those boys out. Especially since the most successful male gymnasts are in their 20’s, not teens, like the women’s.
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  10. I think it's pretty clear the powers that be want older boys who aren't in age in JD. I hope that this will cause the program to evolve into something more than just a place for guys who do lower hours and aren't competitive in JO.

    And I get the idea of the age limits for 8 and 9, but really, with open-ended scoring, I think it is not accomplishing anything except keeping the superstars from bouncing some pretty good L10s from nationals.
  11. I agree, but I also think it promote pushing those young superstars even harder than they already are. Some of the stories i have heard are not good. Part of me thinks the lower limits are there to try to keep from rushing those younger guys and beating them up even more. I overheard a couple of college coaches at nationals talking about how the boys are doing skills now there were elite skills just 5 years ago and they are starting to see more boys with shorter 'careers' than in the past. Even talking about how they are more beat up for college and they have to be careful with them to prevent injuries.
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  12. It's definitely not good and really serves no one's interests. What's the point of being able to do D and E skills at age 11 if the result is that you're too busted up to make it through your first NCAA season at age 18?
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  13. Exactly. We have seen kiddos go to college and have their routines significantly altered to less difficult/more clean. They have also not competed AA every meet Some coaches do a great job of trying to save those bodies for future use!
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  14. Are they actually trying to kill the men's program?
  15. Well, Sounds like this rule could be a gym rule, as no one else has heard this. But we wait and see.
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  16. I know there are no updates or meeting minutes on the USAG (Mens side) about it. I checked :)
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  17. So did I. But wee have not been at the gym for 2 weeks, and a lot can happen lol. But I would think more people would have heard about it by now.
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  18. That is crazy. Men's gymnastics is very different to women. Girls often do better prior to puberty, but boys need the strength that comes on after puberty in order to develop many of the higher level skills and boys go through puberty later. Crazy to expect level 10 by max age 15 as some boys are only just starting to go through puberty and gain their adult strength at that age.

    Boys can start gymnastics much later than girls and still make it as an elite. Boys can't even compete as a senior international until they are 18, and boys can continue at an international level far longer than girls.

    Maximum age limits means a lot of boys withnthe potential to become elite will be pushed out, as there are already so few boys in the sport, that seems like a great way to make sure the USA Men are never recognised as a great MAG nation.
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  19. 15 is the minimum age for L10.
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  20. My son is the poster child for this problem. He will compete as a 15 year old next season. He hasn't started puberty yet.
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