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New gymnast mom

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Hi all... just wanted to do a quick introduction. My name is Amber. I am 27 y/o married with 4 children. My oldest daughter started preschool gymnastics last summer and now at 5 years old is on the Pre-team. I am hoping to get some good advice here regarding juggling gymnastics/and my other children, not neglecting my other children, and the big question... How much is TOO much.


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Mar 6, 2009
Welcome Amber!

I'm sure this site will be very helpful, it has been a saving grace for me ;-)

I think at 5 . . . you'll know how much is to much. Getting cranky, melt downs, over tired etc . . . you'll know. Mine is 7 . . and I still know. She'll have it all over her face. FUN!

Good Luck! Join the parent group and come see us in the parent Forum!



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Mar 9, 2008
Welcome to the CB Amber! Thanks for joining in! I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful advice. Sounds like you are a busy mom! I'm way out of the stage you're at, I only have 2 children. My DD's are 13y& 15yrs old. Seems like only yesterday my gymmie was on preteam, she was so cute! I loved that stage!!! She's still cute...just a little bigger:p. But the best advice I can give you is that at 5yrs old & on preteam, your DD should be having a blast! It should be FUN for her... no pressure. Please don't become too obsessed about what skills she has or doesn't have & don't sit & compare her to the other girls on the pre-team. She's there to learn & have fun & it's the coaches job to make help those things happen. If you stay to watch her practice, make friends with the other mom's. It should be fun for you too. Use this time to connect with other moms. I made one of my BBF's while our DD's did preteam together! Our freindship goes waaay beyond gymnastics now! Maybe you can find a mom with kids similar ages to your's & set up some play dates??? Good luck & ENJOY!!!!!


Thanks so much both of you... yes I do stay and watch the practices unfortunately it is hard for me to socialize with other moms, because I have to take all of my children with me. So I am constantly busy entertaining a 3 year old, 20 month old, and a 3 month old LOL.... I definetly have my hands full. Although one of the moms helps me a bit. I am very shy though and usually wait for people to come to me... which too some comes off as "stuck-up" And I do get the occasional nasty look for certain parents... because of all my kids... people can be so judgemental. I am 27 and married for 6 years and all my children are with my husband but I also look like I am 16 (a curse now but blessing in the future) so I definetly get those looks. Ya know?! But I do try when I can to talk to other moms a little bit. But I sit my kids way down in the one corner of the observation booth to try to keep them from distracting other parents. Its definetly tough. My husband comes right after work but usually only cathes the last 45 minutes.
And I definetly try not to compare DD with the other pre-team girls. Its tough, but I keep telling myself that she really is a "newbie" and these other girls have been there a couple of years. But her coach obviously sees something in DD since she has been invited to do a special summer class for 9 hours per week. Where her coach will do more extensive training for US gymnastics... and there are only 3 girls i believe that are being invited to take this class and my DD is one of them. I am definetly very proud. I just hope my sanity and finances will hold up so she can live her dream. Its definetly one of the most expensive sports out there.
But I am looking forward to this rollercoaster we are sure to be on.
Thanks for the warm welcome.


Welcome! First Plant a money tree you'll need it. Next think car pool. How much it too much well I told my daughter when she is crying over missing something in a move in gymnastics its time to stop. If its not fun then we are done. She started gymnastics at 2yo and is now a level 7 at 11 yo. she still loves it and has a great attitude - If I don't get it this time I'll get it next time.


Hello and welcome to CB! It's definately a rollercoaster ride! I call mine the Livicoaster!! I have 2 girls, a 5 year old (level 4) and 4 year old. They are 12mon apart! I too am young and look even younger. I know the "looks" you are talking about. Fortunately or unfortuantely my dd's were very social and "forced" me into social situations. Now that Liv's been competing for a year I too have made pretty good gym-mommy friends.

Sounds like you have a pretty talented little gymmie in your hands. Hold on to your pocket books because it could get quite expensive especially once they start competing. Keep posting and join in the parent forum! There lots of great moms with lots of experince!! Oh and caution: CB can be become addictive!!

Good luck and ENJOY!
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