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For Coaches New here... help for 20 year old beginner

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Hey all, Lance Corporal Jasiulek of the Marine Corps here. For a while, i've been interested in Gymnastics, but never acted on it, not sure why. But now that I'm in the Corps, I've lost a lot of my old interests, and am gaining new ones. One i believe is gymnastics.

I'd really love to learn to do gymastics, like go to a real academy and take classes from a coach, and dedicate my libo (free time) to gymnastics.

But i feel i may be too old to really pick up gymnastics. Im in pretty good shape. I PT (physical train) everyday. Usually involving morning (6+ mile runs or some circuit course) and evenings (alternating between powerlifting and swimming/biking/circuits).

Im 20 years old, and would really love to pick up gymastics and dedicate time to it.

In November, our unit goes to Cuba til around March, so I'm thinking about using almost all my free time in Cuba to condition for gymastics. Does anyone have suggestions for that. Basically suggestions for a person who is brand new to gymnastics. I need and must learn the fundamentals before I can move on. What fundamentals can i train for myself, like stretching and such, and are there any good articles/books/guides to do this?

Appreciate your time.


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Jan 4, 2008
You are definatly not too old, 20 is in fact still very young. Many people do not take up the sport until their 30's, 40's, 50's or even 60's. I know of people in their 60's still competing in gymnastics and loving it. You sound fit, strong and committed. I think you would take to the sport very well.

It's best to learn the fundamentals from an actual coach rather than a book or DVD. The book or DVD can show you what to do but it cant give you the feedback you need make sure you are doing it correctly. It cant always give you the examples you need to understand things in the right way. Also you dont want to allow bad habits to develop because they will be very hard to break later on.

Why not go to a gym and be evaluated by one of the coaches. They can let you know any area's that you may striggle with a reccomend an appropriate training program.


Nov 12, 2007

Welcome to the world of gymnastics, it is an addictive one.
I can testify that 20 is not to old. I started/got involved in gymnastics at 18/19, and i over the years i have learned a few skills. However being without proper coaching progress was slow and disappointing. Good news is that a year after i start i found gymnastics coaching, and have been doing so for the last 6+ years.
Anyways in short, i would definitely work on finding a gymnastics adult class with a decent adults coach (when in the US, as many of the adult class coaches that i have meet have actually never been all to interested).
While in Cuba i would look at finding a gymnastics gym that you might be able to attend. who knows you might get lucky, and be allowed to join in on their conditioning.

I don't want to sound my own horn by any means, but check out TheGymPress.net for gymnastics articles on skills, and more. That is just one place to start to get some ideas (however there is no replacement for an actual coach). Posting on the forums is always good, go to gymnasticsbodies.com for some great! gymnastics conditioning ideas to work strength on rings especially.

Work basics, like handstand, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels. These 4 skills pretty much make up the basics for all tumbling.
If you are getting into apparatus, than just work on swings (trying to learn the technique). With a good swing you can learn almost anything.
Flexibility work on splits in all directions, bridges, quad stretches.

Its a hard topic to cover just in one post, but some ideas


Wow appreciate all the info. Very glad that i'm not too old = )

I'll definently look for a gym that teaches adults, and start my conditioning. That Gymnasticbodiess has some awesome info, so I can set up routine for myself and get prepared.


Drillsandskills.com has quite a few articles which you can start with. Coach Sommer's gymnasticbodies was mentioned by Levski and CrossFit has a bit of gymnastics as well.

You might be able to put together some rings or parallettes for yourself to start.
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