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Hey!! I'm new here and learning the site. I'm actually doing a class project about a web 2.0 community so I picked this one! I am a gymnast... I did it since 2nd grade and was on the team in high school. Now I'm a sophomore in college and just got back into it at a club here and we had our first meet this past weekend! I was bit rusty but it was great to be competing again... I missed it so much!


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the CB. Even after you're done your project I'm sure you will stick around ;)
It's great to hear you came back to gym after going to college. I have been so worried I wouldn't be able to continue gym when I go to University, because of age, so it is really inspiring to see that you came back to the sport. (I am 17 and in grade 12).

Welcome again, and good luck with your project.
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