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New to chalkbucket

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by petersam, Sep 16, 2017.

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to chalkbucket. My daughter is a 10 year old gymnast. Doing level 5+ . She is currently experiencing a mental block so when googling about this I came across this forum.
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  2. Welcome to the forum!
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  3. Thanks [emoji4] I live in Ireland, some of terminology is different from what I'm used too but great to find this forum especially since it has a parent's section. By the way I'm trying to post there but it says I don't have permission, does anyone know anything about that? Tia
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  4. You can choose what you are in the gym world. If you are on your laptop, you can see I have coach and gymnast standing underneath my name. You don't have anything standing next to your name. You can change this in personal details-join user groups-proud parent
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  5. Thanks I'm on android tapatalk
  6. I'm also in Ireland and have a few girls in the plus levels. If you need any info feel free to message me.
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