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Oct 13, 2008
my daughter hs just finished her artistic gymanstics career at level 7 ...she was just to stressed out all the we have transitioned into tt.....she will be competing her first power tumbling meet as an intermediate.. just wondering what the passes are on each app. thanks!!
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Intermediate was my favorite tumbling level when I did USTA.

All levels in USTA technically are optionals--there's no compulsory passes except the Elite compulsory (which is one of 3 competed passes). Subnovice and Novice tumbling tend to function as compulsory levels, but the passes are not mandated.

Intermediate tumbling used to be 2 5-skill passes, each with 1-2 saltos. They changed that 2003ish to a 5 skill and an 8 skill, each with 1 to 2 saltos. The passes do not have to end in a salto (unlike in Subadvanced and advanced, in which they do). Intermediate tumblers may do a half or a barani, but no fulls. The most common passes are roundoff 3bhs tuck and roundoff 6bhs tuck.

Trampoline routines are extremely varied because they have quite a lot of choices, and since they must hit the trampoline 10 times, that gives a lot of room for variety. They MUST include a front salto, a back salto, a jump full turn, a front or back contact (in other words, they have to land on their fronts or backs), and between 3 and 5 saltos. A 3/4 front or 3/4 back would fulfill both a salto requirement and the front/back contact requirement.

Double mini, they get 3 passes (whereas in USAG they get 2). Each one must have one salto, but may not have 2-in Subadvanced they must have a 2 salto pass, but Intermediate they may not. They may do a barani or a back half, but not a full. So you may see straight jump over the line, back tuck in the second bed, straddle jump dismount, or you may see something like a tuck jump over the line, front tuck off, or a number of other things. Back in my day spotter skills (straight jump to the to the second bed, then a skill) were way more popular than mounters (skills over the line) at this level.

The USTA website is extraordinarily helpful in trying to understand how things work. I hope your daughter has fun.
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