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New USAIGC Diamond level

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tchris0620, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Does anyone have any information about how to qualify to compete at the new Diamond Level? How they score? What gymnasts need in skills? Thank you!!!
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  3. Hi Tchris0620! Happy to see another USAIGCer here. I’m sure Mrs. Puma can provide more insight but here’s an overview.

    Now that it’s officially its own level, coaches can just move girls up from Bronze. However, they are required to move up from Bronze if they score a 36.4 or higher. Diamond also differs from Bronze and the old Bronze Diamond in that in Diamond, girls can do an isolated acro flight skill (eg, BHS) on beam and up to 2 saltos without twists on floor. See here for an overview of the changes: https://www.usaigc.com/rules_and_policies_artistic.cfm and here (pages 5, 24-26) for more detail: https://www.usaigc.com/SitePDFs/USAIGC RULES & POLICY BOOK 2018_.pdf

  4. Hello again,
    Can a coach move a girl up to diamond in the middle of the season without a score of 36.4 from Bronze?? Thank you!
  5. Absolutely.
  6. Welcome! Yes, @KipWinger is correct. In USAIGC, coaches can put their gymnasts at any level they want (you just can’t go backward, obviously). So any kid that did Copper I/Copper II/Bronze/Bronze Diamond last year could be put into Diamond. And they can move them into it or out of it (up) at any point. One 36.4 in Bronze forces one to Diamond. Our gym had a large amount of Bronzes last year, so we had two training groups we called Bronze I and Bronze II. Our gym decided that all Bronze IIs (except the few that moved up to Silver already, we did moves in June before the new rules came out) will be Diamond. I am very interested to see how other gyms are handling this. I could see Diamond being heavily competed or not. We’ll see! And as skills go, all Bronze routines would satisfy Diamond requirements, but there are a few additional Silver skills that could be done.
  7. I don’t have anything to add (I believe my dd will compete Copper 2 this season). I just wanted to welcome a new IGCer to CB. There aren’t many of us here.
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