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Oct 3, 2018
Mom to a 9 year old gymnastics nut. She’s trying to make the pre-team eventually. She has done gymnastics recreationally on and off. But nothing commited because she used to be an all star cheerleader starting at age 1 and just left at 9. Her older sister has always been and is a cheerleader. In gymnastics she is working hard to catch up. It’s a lot more challenging and she has a lot of upper body strength to build up.She’s got a lot of tumbling but nothing else. So Now she’s said goodby to Cheer and is a full time Leo wearing chalk handed little ball of fire.I am green too so might have a ton of questions at some point. Thanks in advance! Just happy to find this forum to hopefully feel a little less lost!


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Sep 13, 2018
Hi all,
I am new to the group. My dd is a 12 year old level 9/10 who is training elite. She started gymnastics a little older than most at her level, 7 1/2. She rose up the levels quickly, and a year ago her head coach was ready to train her for junior elite along with another girl. My dd felt it was too fast and freaked out. So her coach made her repeat level 8. This year she is level 9 and ready to go elite, but her coach has backed off and is not pushing her enough. She is also not as committed to my dd as she was before. She is very old school. The other girl is really being pushed and competed HOPES and did well. However, she has had multiple bone injuries forcing her to miss months of practice. Any advice on how to determine if they will really push my daughter to go to the qualifiers in the spring, or if they are giving my daughter the run around? I am frustrated and know my daughter can learn all the skills necessary and is learning them but not doing them consistently.


Verified Coach
Verified Coach
Apr 12, 2017
Stupid question maybe but have you talked to the coach already?
If you have and your coach isn't willing to change his mind it might be time for a new gym.

Good luck on her journey!
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