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Jan 30, 2008
Hi! I really dont know what to say. Ummm. I live in minnesota. I am a junior and on my gym team for school, right now we are ranked 2nd in the state for class AA. I do varsity bars and vault. My teammate is the state vault champ for two years now (she competes a layout tsuk) and one of the seniors on my team (AKA my idol) got a 9.9 on bars last night!! :D
I used to do club but started competing for the first time in eighth grade in MAGA (Minnesota Ameture Gymnastics Association) I cant spell.. My favorite event is bars! My highest score this year was a 9.6! I have a really big confrence meet on saturday and I am putting in my front giants for the first time. I am a summer of training behind eveyone else on my team because i fractured a vertabrea and it put me out for the summer. well thats about it.. want to know more feel free to ask! I love to chat!!
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Feb 15, 2007
Thomasville, NC
Welcome!! Sorry to hear about your back fracture. Glad to hear you are back at gymnastics and doing well!! You are NOT supposed to use your head to land on!! LOL!!

Good luck in your competitions!



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Dec 8, 2007
Welcome to chalkbucket! I'm a level 8 gymnast. I have my next meet on february 10th, my 14th birthday!!!!


Mar 14, 2007
Welcome on here! :)
Well it is good to hear your injury at least was not very painful...but it sounds scary!!! It`s great you are back!!
And of course I`m wishing you good luck for your competition also. :)
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