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Newbie score question

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by Betsy G, Apr 10, 2017.

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  1. My daughter (7 years old) competed in the NC State meet this weekend (USAG T&T). This was her first year of competition, and has won First place in tumbling at every meet until the State meet. She received a zero on her first pass (level 4 - power lift round off, back handspring). The coaches were shocked , so they asked the judges for the reason,and the head judge said she took two steps before power lifting rather than one. Everything I found for Level 4 states that is a .03 deduction, but judges said it was a pass interruption and an automatic zero. I thought a pass was not instated until your hands hit the floor. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm so confused.
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  2. So nice that your daughter is into trampoline and tumbling. I live in the Netherlands and my kid only does trampoline so I have no information on your specific question, But I do have plenty of experience with judges, also being a judge myself. Thing is, you just have to get past this competition and move on to the next one. If the coaches made an inquiry about it there is nothing more you can do. In the end you just have to respect the judges decision and make your kid respect it as well. My kid came in second in nationals because on of his jumps was rejected (and thus didn't count for difficulty) by the judges. Also in this case coaches inquired This did cost him the title. So the lesson learned was: there will be other competitions (and other nationals) and that is where your gymnast can prove them wrong by being so good that there can't be any doubt about her performance. Good luck in the competitions to come!
  3. trampolinemom- Thank you so much for your reply. You did certainly put it into perspective for me. I think she and I were just shocked by it and were trying to make sense of it as my daughter doesn't remember making an extra "hop." You are correct- she has plenty of time to improve and learn from this. I bet she will never make that mistake (i.e. hop) again. Haha. Best of luck to your son as well. Trampoline is my daughter's weakest area. It takes great skill!
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  4. We've found that there are so many things in t&t that result in a score of zero. Yes, that very thing has even happened to my daughter on tumbling at L4 in the past. It stinks, but the atmosphere is so laid back and fun that the kids usually brush it right off and keep having fun.
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  5. Thanks, MILgymFAM. That helps. We are new to all this, so her coach had never even caught it. Plus, I have just been informed that their rules have recently changed, so this could be a new rule.
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  6. My ODD missed first place on tumbling at our state meet just two days ago because she didn't land on a mat rather than the floor. Huge deduction, and she was only a couple tenths from first. She cracked up about it because it was the first time she has ever stuck her second tumbling pass (L6), and it was her worst score. It happens! Good luck next year!
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  7. Good luck to you too! Thank you.
  8. Is that cracked up as in laughed?
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  9. Yes, laughed. She thought it was hilarious.

    ETA: she was genuinely happy for the girl who beat her. They've gone back and forth all season leap frogging over one other, and this made them "even".
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  10. Wow, that's an amazing attitude.
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  11. I've noticed in T&T in our area (MILgymFAM and I are in the same area) that T&T athletes really aren't all tied up in which medal they get. Our athletes were way more worried about if they made national qualifying scores than who placed where. T&T athletes across gyms and within gyms are incredibly supportive of one another -and that's not to say that artistic kids aren't. But my daughter has done both and T&T is a much more laid back environment about placements especially.

    That said, @MILgymFAM's daughters are exceptional in their attitudes towards their sport, and their fellow athletes.

    That's exactly the same issue my DD had in Texas! Stuck it, but on the floor and not the mat. Grrr!
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