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Nice picture of Epke

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by Jard.the.gymnast, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. I noticed there are a lot of Epke fans on here, so i thought i’d share. It was in the headlines in the news this Morning here!

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  2. The best was the reaction of Bart Deurloo when Epke did his one arm catch....not sure if that was shown on TV or not! The routine was amazing to see in person, so glad I was there!

    After the competition we ran into Epke walking to the buses with his girlfriend :)
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  3. It was shown on the news here. Maybe Bart was even more surprised than Epke that he stayed on.
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  4. I was wondering... did he get any credit/increased D score for that one-armed mistake? Just like Jordan Chiles got on beam with that messed up wolf turn at P&G?
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  5. yes it was shown here too.

    Our commentators always tell you to put any liquids down and hang onto your seats when he is competing,

    they have now nicknamed him Dr Difficulty
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  6. Everyone here calls him the flying Dutchman, I had never heard of Dr difficulty
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  7. we absolutely love him over here, and whilst I don't speak dutch I watched his interview afterwards and got the impression he is so laid back, really smiley/happy chappie
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  8. Found this full video of Epke's epic save with Bart's adorably funny reaction

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  9. It was shown on youtubes stream. I agree, his reaction added to the amazingness of the save!
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  10. I just love Epke's routines - never a dull moment ;)
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