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omg!!!! daughters sick has to compete tomorrow

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Hi everyone i'm sure someone has come across this before my daughter is sick!!!! she has quite a high fever since yesterday she is suppose to compete tomorrow morning at 8 am i have been drugging her to death with tylenol and advil trying desperatly to get her ok to go ...... now for the question do i just say forget it or do i try to get her through she really is only doing odp stuff which if you are not familiar is leg lifts , push ups sit up rope climb ect. so it's not like she will be upside down she and i alike will be so sad if she can't go any suggestions would be appreciated



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Feb 26, 2007
If she has a fever she may be contagious, therefore it would be kinder to everyone else to keep her home. But if the fever passes by then leave it up to her.

I'll be crossing my fingers for her, hope she get's miraculously well overnight.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
By now, you've made your decision. For what its worth I totally agree with Bog. No child should be doing any strenuous activity(much less around others) until their temp has been normal for 24 hours. She may just have a nasty virus and be fine in a day or 2, but you expose everyone else at this meet to it and she will not be at her top performance.
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