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Other sports

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by twinmomma, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. So. My daughter just asked to play soccer. She's played before, but since she started gymnastics she hasn't even looked back. Her BFF at school plays, albeit just recreational. Not super competitive. I'm inclined to let her play - it's "off season" for T&T, it's low stress, and it shouldn't hurt her conditioning level. My only concern is whether or not she ends up with a practice night that doesn't conflict with gymnastics. Thoughts? I want her to not feel trapped into gym because it prevents her from doing something else. I could also eliminate the extra practice night during soccer season (she goes on an "all star" night for an extra fee). I'm conflicted though. She's going to be a Level 8 Trampoline/DM next year, and a 7 for tumbling.
  2. Let her play. Rec soccer is very forgiving about making/missing practice. Since opposite season will not have to miss any games. One of my kids played rec soccer through high school graduation and it was one of her most positive sports experiences. By teen age the serious soccer kids were playing travel club or varsity high school, the kids whose parents made them play when they were younger were no longer playing. All that was left were the kids that loved playing and just wanted to have fun. Mix of kids that took the sport up late and kids that were great players but no longer wanted to play with the pressure of serious competition. By high school age they pretty much coached themselves and had a blast.
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  3. Let her play.
  4. I'd let her play. I let my DS (who competes gym) play Little League each summer. He loves it. We're up front with all coaches and try to balance the "missing" as best we can. But baseball season is short and is limited to about two nights per week, so we can make it work.
  5. Ds (12 & elite track) has just started the Rec soccer season again- the main thing was I was very open with the coach who was absolutely fine- Ds leaves training 20 mins before it finishes on a Sat morning & will not make all the inter league games ( on a Sunday but figure he maybe too tired for some.)
    Figure that as a nearly teenager I'm just glad he's so sport crazy lol
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  6. I let my DD (age 8, training L5/6) play recreational baseball every spring. This year, baseball practice conflicts with gym, so we are alternating practices each week (one week gym, the next baseball, etc.). We do the same with game conflicts, although thankfully there are very few. It is fun to watch her play a fun, low intensity game. It also gives her time to hang with a friend who is on the same team (they are two of the only girls left playing baseball... rather than softball.).

    Of course, I was upfront with both coaches (gym and soccer) about her schedule.
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  7. My T&T DD also L8 and L7 wants to do Rec soccer as well. I am thinking of letting her try it. Glad to see all the positive responses.
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