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Jun 16, 2013
I have decided, at the very very very... last minute, to join my friend who is going to Rushmoor Gymnastics Summer Camp. However, I was wondering what exactly I should bring?

I have heard that many girls change their leotards after their lunch break so should i bring 2 for each day? (Also, some camps have 'camp-shops' at their Gym, does anyone know if Rushmoor does and if so would I be able to bring money to buy a couple leotards while I am there?) Should I bring grips and wrist bands or is there no need?

I am 90% sure they do swimming there, but how often? How many bathing suits will I need?

Also, just wondering if anyone knows what kinds of activities they do in the evenings and if I will need any special clothing for that or will shorts/leggings/trackies/jeans and a t-shirt be ok for all of them?

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Sep 4, 2008
I would ask your friend what she is bringing. The camp should also provide you a list.
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Feb 2, 2012
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They do have a packing list, although ours was sent out by email, very late. So if you want to plan ahead:

You don't need two leo's every day. It all depends on how hot and sweaty you get and what sort of session you've had. I sent my dd with one for each day and a couple of spares.

You need a couple of sets of light cover-ups - whatever you would normally wear for warm-up or after gym, for between sessions.

In the evening they had a bbq one evening, a show/skit night, which they worked on in groups, (so gym clothes!) and an 'everyone's birthday party'. You just need casual, comfy clothes - t.shirt, shorts, jeans. There wasn't any need for anything dressy.

Almost all of the time you will be in gym clothes and cover-ups/warm up gear.

There is an outdoor pool next door, so you can swim every day if you like. Take a couple of swimmers and you need a towel.

They have a leotard stand on the last day. There's a show/display for the parents on the last afternoon and the leos are set up so they can buy them them. Other than that, there were little things to spend money on - drinks machine, key rings, some girls made and sold bracelets. My dd took £15, which was enough, but she is younger.

Yes you need grips. You need everything you would take to your normal gym session.

Take a drink bottle so you can have it in the gym with you, just as you normally would.

You need a present for the birthday party. Everyone gives one and receives one. I think there was a cap on the value, but can't remember if it was £5 or £10. They will tell you.

That's it. Just imagine spending a whole day at the gym, including taking a break for lunch. What would you need? Then imagine doing that for a few days, so you'd need spares. Add in overnight, swimmers and a a couple of off-duty outfits and you're done. You just need to be comfortable and feel relaxed and remember that everyone is there doing gym, it's not a fashion show.

Hope that helps.

Hope that helps.
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