Peeling off tap swings?

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Mar 6, 2009
My daughter just turned 8. Over the summer she got her first grips and things seemed fine. a couple of weeks ago she started slipping off the high bar in her tap swings. After 2 bad falls the coaches took her grips away. last night she did it again - thankfully over the pit. They said they're really not sure why. her technique is good, her form is good, they don't know if it's that she's very powerful and as her form improves it's harder for her to hold on with small hands? They're gonna try more chalk - but they seemed concerned - which makes me concerned....should I be concerned?

Any thoughts? Anyone experience anything like this before with small gymnasts?

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Jun 5, 2009
Is she regrasping the bar correctly on each tap back?

Her hands could be progressively sliding down the bar is she is not fully regrasping.

Is she peeling off on the back swing or the forward swing?


They are concerned because peeling off a back swing could flip her forwards to land awkwardly on her arms or on her face with her legs swung up behind her hurting her neck. My dd did it once over pit - not something to be repeated I can tell you. Your coaches obviously know what they are doing and are on the ball about looking out for her.
It sounds like she isnt hooking her fingers over the bar enough. If her swing has become 'too powerful' she needs to increase her grip strength. You can do stuff like squeezing those squashy ball things or just hanging on the bar without adjusting her hands for longer and longer - time her with a stop watch. It does sound like her coaches will sort her out.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I have when i was in level 5. Once i peeled on the back swing and flew OVER the low bar!! That is happening to one of our level 4's a lot lately (she doesn't use grips) and it is the way she is gripping the bar. You won't peel off if you re-grip and the top of your backswing, and when you re-grip, you have to grab OVER the bar, don't just leg go and catch it again.


Sounds like she's not hopping her hands/regripping in the back of each swing. Or, she could be horribly arching as she swings back and the coaches THINK she has proper technique and don't know better :p
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