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Petition the USOC for travel expenses

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I found a couple of email address for the USOC. I think we ought to email them regarding their policy of sending only one coach and no family support with each of our athletes. I think that is just wrong. The two addresses I found are:

[email protected]
[email protected]

This is the email that I have sent:

Good afternoon,

I just heard that the USOC is only paying for one coach and no family members for each athlete. Is this true? Does the USOC really think it is right to send our young athletes to a foreign country, asking them to represent the USA in the biggest competition of their lives, without both their coaches and with no family to support them? The expenses are too much for many families who are already paying large amounts of money to train their athletes. The USOC should recognize the sacrifices these families make, since their children are representing our country. The USOC should be paying for up to two coaches and two family members (parents, grandparents, etc) for each athlete. It's the least we can do for these amazing competitors.



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Feb 6, 2008
I am sure most of our gymnasts (the girls at least) will have more than one coach there. The USOC will FUND one coach per athlete, but usually both coaches will go and the club will pay the extra expense.

I agree with you though, I just don't think the USOC has that much extra money, but you never know.
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