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Platinum vault Yurchenko?

Mrs. Puma

Staff member
Proud Parent
Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
Unfortunately no-- no timers in Xcel. Here's a link to the vault chart: http://www.nawgj.org/Xcel Reference Cards - Updated 10_21_2018.pdf
I believe it is? In the 9.4 box, the RO-FF on>repulsion. It wouldn't be to a flat back, but to standing on the floor. No flip. Like the one L6/7 vault, but not to mats. I know this is a legal vault in USAIGC Silver, and that’s the way I read it here? But I fully admit, I’m no Xcel expert! Good luck!
ETA: never mind! I was thinking Diamond. No, that wouldn’t be allowed in XP. Sorry!