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Oct 24, 2008
For my Language Arts class I had a task for homework which was to write a poem. My teacher said we had to do it about our favorite thing to do. So I obviously picked gymnastics. lol. So anyway I wanted to get everyones opinion. Here it is:

The Gymnast

Training to become a gymnast
takes strength and dedication.
Doing all your requirements
along with some innovation.

Building up your body
and toughing up the mind.
One won't work alone
they must be entwined.

The mind has to be rock solid
and not filled with any doubts.
So you will be in top form
during the Olympic tryouts.

Stamina and endurance
along with many skills.
Perfection is the goal
while providing lots of thrills.

Floor routines and rings
along with parallel bars.
The strength that's required
is well beyond what's ours.

For all of this hard work
and years of dedication.
Besides a lot of pride
maybe a standing ovation.

So yeah theres my poem I hoped you all enjoyed it. :)



I like it! I'm not very good at poetry so I'm always glad when I see someone who can write it well.
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