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Potential route for 7 year old

Discussion in 'UK' started by Aliwali, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Aliwali

    Aliwali Coach Coach Proud Parent Gymnast

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Hi all a newbie here. My daughter turned 7 in March and has been in a development group for 9 months. She's just got a straight arm upstart, can round off back handspring, almost there on beam back walkover and can straddle up to handstand and down.

    I've not asked her coach yet, but wondered if anyone had any idea as to what route she might take grades wise. It's a small club with no history of national or compulsory grades. The eldest squad girls are 9 and did club grade 6 a couple of years ago but didn't do grades last year. I guess she may not even do grades and just do level competitions.

    Thanks for your ideas and yes I will ask her coach soon .

  2. Jenny

    Jenny Verified Coach Verified Coach Proud Parent Former Gymnast

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    With the skills she already has and turning 8 next year I would hope she would be on a pathway to do compulsory 5 next year. However if your club does not have a history of doing grades that likely will not happen. You kind of need to be involved in them year in year out to do well at them. They require a certain mindset and coaching organisation. Ask your coach sooner rather than later and if she wants to do grades (with those skills already she really should do some sort of grades) look at other clubs in your region. If you PM me your location I can suggest possible clubs which might suit.

    How many hours is she currently training and what level is her coach/ head coach.

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